New & Old School Music Of The Week

I’ll be sharing my New & Old School playlists that I have on Spotify each week! Tell me what you think and feel free to share your playlists as well! Let’s have a conversation about some good music:

1. Nao – And Then Life Was Beautiful
2. Omar Apollo – Kamikaze
3. Alewya, Moses Boyd – The Code
4. Mac Ayres – Getaway
5. Mac Ayres – Shit Covered In Gold
6. Ledisi – Anything For You
7. Jazmine Sullivan – Tragic

Neo soul (sometimes called progressive soul) is a genre of a popular music. It is heavily based in soul music, neo soul is distinguished by a less conventional sound than its contemporary R&B counterpart, with incorporated elements ranging from funk, hip hop, African beats, pop, rock, and electronic music.

The genre incorporates elements of jazz, R&B, soul, hip-hop, rock, funk, and blues. The name was coined by former Motown Records president William “Kedar” Massenburg in the late 1990s as an attempt to market a growing form of Black music that blended disparate genres into a sound uniquely Black, but uncategorical. Two of the artists he managed — D’Angelo and Erykah Badu — were putting out music around that was growing in popularity. To prevent them from being lost in the shuffle of misunderstanding, neo-soul was created, and a movement was born, a movement that would not only unite obscure artists in a shared love of pushing musical boundaries but also inspire generations of artists to come.

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