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Old San Juan

Today I decided to take a little adventure to Old San Juan while I’m staying in Puerto Rico for Spring Break. From my Uber drive there, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. The historic sites left me in awe because of how huge and vivid they were. When you enter the iconic entrance of Old San Juan, you immediately see stores, restaurants, and the beautiful architecture of the colorful buildings. Some of the buildings are grand and some are minimalistic, but they really are a sight to see.

As I walked along the cobblestoned roads, there was so much to take in from the beautiful flowers, panoramic ocean views, and vendors. I went into a lot of the gift shops and purchased some souvenirs for family and friends. I managed to walk almost the entirety of Old San Juan but I did get lost a few times. It’s truly a gorgeous maze if you don’t keep track of your surroundings and the streets.

The best part about it had to be the ocean views, beautiful is an understatement. The water was so blue and crystal clear and the gorgeous rocks laid picture perfect on the sand. Another thing that caught my attention was the number of cats and kittens that were sleeping and strolling around, it was definitely a cuteness overload.
Everyone was super nice and the vibes were nothing but immaculate. I stopped and ate at Los Yeyos and I had a rum shot with the chicken stew, rice, and beans. I also had a pineapple rum frappe and that was nothing less of delicious and refreshing. The food was so seasoned and tasty, it truly felt like a warm hug with every bite. The music choice also enhanced my experience, they played 90’s and early 2000s RnB and that gave such a nice feeling.

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