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Good for the Soul

Pixar’s new movie, Soul has sparked a lot of conversation. The new film features Pixar’s first ever black lead of the main character, Joe Gardner, a music teacher who dreams of being a jazz musician. Joe has a near-death experience and gets stuck in the afterlife regretting the life that he took for granted. He gets paired with 22 who is a sarcastic “unborn” soul who has the ability to go to Earth, but doesn’t want to because she doesn’t see the point of living. 22 and Joe go on a journey to come to a realization of life and the true meaning of being mindful and grateful.

This movie really did a number on me. I love the fact that the black community is finally getting the recognition and the appreciation that it deserves and the details were perfect. I love the true meaning of the film which is don’t lose yourself when it comes to thinking about your life’s purpose, simply live. You have to find joy in the smallest things because purposes are only ways to cope with life instead of living fully.

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