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New Home Rules: Post Covid-19 Over Night Stays

Overnight visits are starting and new rules are in place.

*Negotiate Ahead of Time*
– Do we hug?
– Wear a mask?
– Go to restaurants?
– Have others overs, too?
– Bring our own towels?
– Drive to places together?

Everybody is not always on the same page, so it is best to get it out the way, so you can have a good time.

*Do Not Spark Any Debates*
We already had an intense year of divisive arguments on politics, race, economics, education, healthcare, and more. Make your time together personal and fun. it is not your job to convince your host to embrace your point of view.

No Matter how thrilled you are to reunite, give your hosts extra space. Plan time on your own, tale a walk, read a book, take a nap, shop for dinner groceries.

*Keep It Short*
For now, a two-night visit should be your maximum, even with a cherished, longtime best friend. Better to understay the overstay.

Tired And True
– Bring a gift
– Help with meals
– Clean up after yourself
– Write a thank-you note

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